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Legal marijuana is growing faster than the smartphone industry

On April 17th, join entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, and scientists at the #1 School for Entrepreneurship for the second Babson Cannabis Symposium as we navigate and explore the future of the marijuana industry.

The Babson Cannabis Symposium was founded to create a safe and professional space for students, entrepreneurs, faculty and staff as well as for the larger community in the Greater Boston Area to explore and learn about the burgeouning legal recreational and medical marijuana industries. As legalization takes place state-by-state, entrepreneurs, activists and professionals alike are seeking more clarity and information on what is taking place now, how they can get involved and who they should reach out to.

Greenwave Advisors projects that legal cannabis could be an industry bigger than the NFL by 2020 with revenues of $35 billion if marijuana is legalized at the federal level. The report cites that 12 states plus DC will have legalised recreational marijuana in that time, with medical marijuana markets in 37 states. Currently, 23 states have legalized medical marijuana, and two have legalized the plant for recreational use.

The Babson Cannabis Symposium is a new event at Babson College, the #1 School in Entrepreneurship and was created by Graduate and Undergraduate students within Babson who engaged the school’s administration on social innovation and institutional entrepreneurial thought and action. The Babson Cannabis Symposium became the premier Cannabis Entrepreneurship event not just at Babson, but among all the prestigious higher-education institutions in Boston, because of Babson’s deep commitment to cultivating Entrepreneurship and encouraging students to be true to their work, their word and their friends.