Scott Churchill

A Diverse Plant: Defying definitive classification

Co-Founder of MCR Labs / Cannabis Professional

Scott Churchill is a scientist, entrepreneur, and educator. Scott Churchill is an instructor at The Northeastern Institute of Cannabis and is the Director of Methodology and Compliance at MCR Labs, LLC.  As a cannabis professional Scott teaches a variety of subjects to the future members of the cannabis industry of New England in addition he provides ISO 17025 accredited laboratory testing for the cannabis community as well as research and development services.

Scott has eighteen years of professional experience in process engineering, pharmaceutical sciences, and cannabis science.

Scott is passionate about sharing his experience and knowledge with people seeking an expanded knowledge about cannabis, chemistry, and safety. Having the opportunity to shape, educate, and develop the future cannabis industry is extremely rewarding for Scott.  Scott earned his Bachelors of Science in Chemistry degree from Rivier University in 2005.